**NEW!! Ladies House Gown**

House Gown
"Ladies Waltz Gown", Permanent Press, Size Medium. Still in package, from Greensboro Wide Awake Sleepwear Line. Orange, turquoise, and yellow floral pattern on a white background. New-old stock, excellent condition. Item #VCL25 Price $12.00

Plaid Maxi Skirt

Plaid Maxi Skirt

If you are a teeny size, then this is the skirt for you! 26" waisted plaid maxi skirt with a 2" wide grommeted
navy belt. 38" in length and buttons up the front. No tags but in very good condition! Item #VCL22 Price $22.00

Hippee Shirt

Hippee Shirt

Far out hippee shirt, size L, "Caitela-Colombia-Algodon 100%" (which is cotton). Accented with crocheted pink flowers with green trim and small green buttons. There is trim on the sleeves also and they are 3/4 length and 16" long. There are small side slits at the hips. It measures 25 3/4" long, including the collar and the shoulders are 17 1/4". It is in very good condition. Item #VCL23 Price $35.00

Mondrian Sheath

Mondrian Sheath

Very interesting and probably from the early 80's sheath with a black, grey, pink, and violet mondrian-like pattern. Bateau neckline with a "scarf" that goes through the neckline and hangs to the right in the front and over the back and down. Very different and cool colors. Possibly handmade. 39" long, 15 1/2" shoulders, and short but wide 16 1/2" sleeves. In excellent condition. Item #VCL24 Price $28.00

Metallic Knit Dress

Metallic Dress

Really cool metallic gold and silver thread knit dress in excellent condition! Sleeveless and can be worn belted or unbelted with the 56" belt. The neckline and sleeve caps are metallic gold and are stunning! It zips up the back. 38 1/2" neckline to hem, 16" back shoulders, 22 1/2" armpit to armpit, and a 40" waist. Item #VCL20 Price $56.00

Metallic Dress Close-Up

Two-Piece Knit Set

Blue Twin Set

Creamy shell with a cornflower blue sweater over it, never worn, new with tags from Butte Knit! Size 10, 55% dacron polyester, 45% wool, with a gold accent button on each pocket and 3 on each sleeve. Very well made! I also am throwing in a belt that you can wear with it, and though I don't think it originally came with the set, it matches. Belt is 31 1/2" long, 21 1/4" sleeves, 23" shoulder to hem, 15" back shoulders. See shell below. Item #VCL19 Price $42.00

Blue Twin Set Shell

Teal Disco Dress

Teal Disco Dress

Light and airy 70's disco dress in a gorgeous teal-y green color! Ruffled "v" collar and ruffled see-through sleeves, with elasticized waist. Pair this with the gold shoes in the footwear section and boogie down! 25" sleeves, 45" shoulder to hem, 17" back shoulders and in very good condition. Item #VCL18 Price $32.00

Royal Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Royal purple and multi-colored dinner dress. The royal purple top is lined, the belt is adjustable, and the bottom half has a flowers and birds pattern in a yellow/orange, fuschia, medium turquoise blue, and cream on a burgundy background. There are no tags, but this is probably an acrylic or a blend. Measures 57" in total length, and the sleeveless back shoulders measure 16 1/2", waist is approximately 34", and bust is approximately 38 1/2". In great condition! Item #VCL14 Price $55.00

Purple Dress Close

That Girl Mini Dress

That Girl Mini Dress

That Girl dress in great condition (though tag is not), orange, brown, tan and white. Measurements: 40" chest, 37" waist, 15 3/4" back shoulders, 5 3/4" sleeves, 31" length from collar to bottom of dress.
Item #VCL03 Price $27.00

Lime Green Maxi

Lime Green Maxi

Funky maxi skirt in lime green, white and yellow. The fabric alone is so very cool! The pattern on the fabric is signed "Bernardo" or "Bernards", the script is hard to read. It is 39" long with 7 white hard plastic buttons down the front, and a large hook and eye type closure at the top. There is a few inches room to move this smaller. It is actually larger than it looks, it is pinned back on the dress form. The waist is 34" with an elastic back and certainly has room for expansion. The hips are approx. 48", and it is a wide cut. In very good condition. Item #VCL13 Price $45.00

Sequined Black Shell

Black Shell

"Mr.Winn of California" black, sequined shell. In perfect condition, this is really beautiful and would look nice alone or under a jacket for the cooler seasons. Pair it with the Escada jacket in Designer Clothing for a very movie star look! It is in excellent condition! Label reads: "Mr. Winn of California, 100% acetate, Size 30". Measurements are: 20 1/2" in length from shoulder seam to bottom, 37" waist, scoop neck is 13 3/4" from bottom. This shell is sleeveless, scoop neck and zippers in back. The front is lace and sequin squiggles.
Item #VCL05 Price $42.00

Black Shell Close-Up

Tan Nouveau Poly Shirt

Tan Nouveau Shirt

Another great polyester shirt! Pattern is a very Art Nouveau type style. Colors are tan background with blues and pinks in the flowers. Lady Manhattan shirt, size 6. Measurements: 37" chest, 15 1/2" back shoulders, 23" sleeves, with 6 buttons and buttoned sleeves. See below for close-up. Item #VCL02 Price $16.00


Tan Nouveau Shirt Close

Castleberry Knit Suit

Castleberry Dress

Beautiful Castleberry London/New York robin's egg blue knit suit! In excellent condition! Size 6, 81% acrylic, 10% polyester, 9% nylon, with (removable) shoulder pads. There are 4 almost 1" buttons down the front and 1 on each faux pocket. There is also a snap closure that can be used if you want the neckline closed more, but this could also easily be taken off if you prefer. Sleeves are 22 1/4" in length. Skirt length is 24". The elasticized waist is 29" unstretched. The bust is 38". The back shoulders are 16 1/4" and the hips are 36". The length from shoulder seam to bottom of jacket is 21". Item #VCL08 Price $80.00

Lace Blouse

Ruffled Lace Shirt

Tags still attached!! 70's lace blouse from "Mardi Modes New York", obviously never worn. Size 14 (but I'd say more of a 10-12), faux pearl button on each sleeve, and the best part, detachable lace collar! 23 1/2" sleeve, 24 1/4" total length, 15 3/4" back shoulders, 39" bust. Excellent, unworn/deadstock condition. Item #VCL09 Price $25.00

Knit Sweater Dress

Knit Dress Pink

Adorable light nubby knit (like a light boucle) sweater dress from "Petites by Marty Gutmacher", size 10. A light pink/rose with white specks knit, with 9 silvertone buttons. Belt has silvertone link accents and can be tied or left off. 19" sleeves (which I believe may be a 3/4 length sleeve), 41 1/2" in length, 16" back shoulders, 37" waist. In excellent condition. Item #VCL12 Price $42.00

Houndstooth Jacket

Houndstooth Jacket

Very classy black and white, houndstooth-like jacket from "Schrader Sport Knit". Has red piping around body and around and up sleeves. Sleeves have 2 black and goldtone buttons and there are also two mock pockets with a button on each. 23 3/4" sleeves, 21 1/2" length, 14 1/2" back shoulders. In excellent condition. Item #VCL10 Price $30.00


Houndstooth Jacket Close

Hot Pink Ski Sweater

Pink Ski Sweater

Hot pink wool(?) knit ski sweater, size 38, side neck zipper. Very cool pattern! 22" sleeve, 23" length, 35 1/2" waist, 38" waist, 38" chest. In excellent condition, with one tiny, tiny hole (can easily be mended and is really not even noticeable) that is shown in below photo. Otherwise excellent, one-of-a-kind sweater for the slopes. Item #VCL11 Price $30.00

Purple Clouds Shirt

Groovy purple polyester shirt! The pattern almost looks like clouds, but who knows what they were thinking back then.Purple, white and black on a grey background. Excellent condition! Shirt by Intrigue, size 40, 100% polyester. Measurements: 44 1/2" chest, 17 1/4" back shoulders, 23" sleeves, with 6 buttons and buttoned sleeves.
Item #VCL01 Price $18.00

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